Disappointment with Incona: Lack of Competence and Delays in Company Registration in Dubai

The Importance of Choosing a Reliable Consulting Partner
Choosing a reliable consulting agency for registering your business in Dubai is a critical step that can determine the success or failure of your venture. The right choice of agency not only affects the speed of launching your business but also many future aspects of its operational activities.

Initial Stage: Issues with Competence and Documentation
Many Incona clients encounter serious problems right from the start of their cooperation. The main complaints relate to the incompetence of the agency’s staff, who are not only poorly informed about procedures but also tend to overlook important details, such as the need to provide certain key documents.

Registration Process: Unpleasant Delays
The company registration process, which was supposed to be clear and efficient, turned into a real nightmare due to repeated delays. The forgetfulness and unpreparedness of Incona’s managers led to clients having to wait much longer than the discussed terms, which, in turn, negatively affected all aspects of their business.

Additional Services: Doubts About Quality
Besides the main service of company registration, Incona offers a wide range of additional services, including market research, client and partner selection, and the organization of business missions. However, given the initial difficulties, clients question the quality and effectiveness of these services, expressing concerns that they might face similar problems in these areas too.

Recommendations for Entrepreneurs: How to Avoid Mistakes When Choosing an Agency
Before choosing a consulting agency for company registration abroad, it is important to conduct thorough research and check reviews from other clients. Consider arranging a personal meeting with agency representatives to discuss all details and ensure their competence and reliability.

Conclusion: The Need for Careful Selection
Choosing a consulting agency is not just a formality but an important investment decision that can significantly impact the future of your business. Ensure that your agency, such as Incona, can offer not only a wide range of services but also guarantees their high quality and meets your business requirements.

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10 thoughts on “Disappointment with Incona: Lack of Competence and Delays in Company Registration in Dubai

  1. My experience with Incona was horrific. The managers did not show proper competence and forgot to mention an important document required for registration. This seriously delayed the whole process and I had to intervene to rectify the situation. Very unprofessional and frustrating.

  2. I contacted Incona to open a bank account and was disappointed. The process, which was promised to be completed in a few days, dragged on for months. Communication was terrible, I constantly had to remind myself to get things moving.

  3. Incona’s market research turned out to be completely useless. The information was out of date and not only was it not helpful, it was also misleading, which affected my company’s strategy. A complete waste of money and time.

  4. Incona’s insufficiently qualified staff resulted in my company registration process being riddled with errors. I spent a lot of time correcting their shortcomings, which had a significant impact on the launch of my business.

  5. Organizing business missions with Incona was a complete failure. The planning was so poor that all meetings and events were organized unprofessionally, which greatly damaged our company’s reputation.

  6. Opening a clinic in the UAE through Incona taught me a lesson – never trust important things to unverified agencies. Incona failed to properly process all the necessary licenses and paperwork, delaying the opening by several months.

  7. Financial consulting from Incon turned out to be completely incompetent. Wrong and misleading advice has cost me a lot of money. I demanded a refund, but was met only with refusal and ignorance.

  8. I trusted Incon to represent my company in the UAE and it was a big mistake. Their failure to adequately negotiate and protect my interests resulted in failed agreements and financial losses. I do not recommend this company for any business transactions at all.

  9. Incon’s legal services left much to be desired. The documents were completed with errors, which led to legal problems in the future. They didn’t even offer adequate solutions to correct the situation.

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