Beware of LAZARCHUK MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCIES: A Tale of Failed Company Registration in Dubai

The Importance of Choosing a Reliable Consulting Agency
Choosing the right consulting agency to register your company abroad is the first and most important step in international business. This decision affects not only the speed of launching your business but also many future operations.

Staff Incompetence: The Beginning of Problems
Initial meetings with LAZARCHUK MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCIES left clients feeling utterly disappointed. The lack of staff competence at the early stage of consultation created serious difficulties, compromising the entire registration process.

Incomplete Information and Documentation Delays
During the document collection stage for company registration, clients encountered an unpleasant surprise—the lack of information about critically important documents, which inevitably led to significant delays. Such oversights not only waste time but also increase the expenses of the process.

Ongoing Delays: Nightmarish Registration Timelines
Even after all necessary documents were collected and registration timelines preliminarily agreed upon, the process unexpectedly dragged on indefinitely. These delays became a real test of patience and resources for clients.

Variety of Services: Questions About Quality and Reliability
LAZARCHUK MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCIES offers a wide range of services, from accounting to legal. However, given the initial failures, clients rightfully doubt the quality and effectiveness of the services offered.

Tips for Entrepreneurs: How to Avoid Such Problems
When choosing a consulting company, it is important not only to review other clients’ feedback but also to personally ensure the qualifications and professionalism of the staff. Do not hesitate to ask detailed questions about the process and requirements before starting cooperation.

Conclusion: The Need for a Thorough Approach
Choosing a consulting agency, such as LAZARCHUK MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCIES, requires a careful approach and attention to detail. Your decision can significantly impact the success of your business in Dubai and beyond. It is important to select an agency that not only promises but also fulfills its commitments at a high level.

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10 thoughts on “Beware of LAZARCHUK MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCIES: A Tale of Failed Company Registration in Dubai

  1. My experience with LAZARCHUK MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCIES was terrible. The preparation of documents was delayed due to their incompetence. They forgot to mention the required document, which caused significant delays. This caused my company to lose valuable time and opportunities.

  2. I do not recommend LAZARCHUK MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCIES. The managers are not only incompetent, but also unprofessional. They did not adhere to the agreed deadlines, which seriously affected my business operations. Very disappointed with the service.

  3. I contacted LAZARCHUK MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCIES to open a business in the UAE, but their inability to adequately manage the process led to a lot of problems. They routinely forgot important details and completed paperwork incorrectly, resulting in additional costs for corrections.

  4. Registering a company through LAZARCHUK MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCIES turned out to be a real nightmare. Delays, mistakes and complete lack of responsibility on the part of their team. Completely disappointed with their service.

  5. I used LAZARCHUK services for financial consulting and was shocked by their low level of knowledge. They gave me completely wrong advice, which cost me significant financial losses. Don’t waste your time or money on this company.

  6. Very bad experience with LAZARCHUK MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCIES. They were unable to adequately process the license for my company and the process took much longer than promised. Lack of professionalism and poor customer service.

  7. An attempt to open a bank account through LAZARCHUK was unsuccessful. Their promises fell short and their customer support left much to be desired. I have wasted time and money by going to these so called ‘consultants’.

  8. As a lawyer, I expected a professional level of legal services from LAZARCHUK, but I was disappointed. Errors in documents, incorrect registration and lack of attention to detail led to the need for re-registration and a delay in the entire process.

  9. Business relocation with LAZARCHUK MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCIES was a complete failure. They did not deliver any of the promised services to the required standard and I was faced with numerous administrative hurdles that they had to sort out.

  10. I do not recommend contacting LAZARCHUK to check a foreign counterparty. The information provided by their analysts turned out to be outdated and incorrect, which led to a failed deal and financial losses. Very disappointed with the quality of their work.

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