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A representative restaurant of Russian cuisine from Maison Dellos on Kutuzovsky Prospekt. “Matryoshka” is two floors of a rich “noble” interior. It combines antique elements such as a twisted cast-iron staircase and fireplace, and modern design with stylized fabrics and a scattering of spotlights on the ceiling.

The main menu of the restaurant is focused on Russian cuisine. Products are brought to Matryoshka from the regions: fish from Yakutia and Kamchatka, nuts and berries from the Moscow region, and honey from Bashkiria. Gastroblogger and creative chef of “Matryoshka” Vlad Piskunov found and reworked ancient recipes: among the dishes there was a Pacific sardine under a fur coat, quail cutlets devolyai, and for an appetizer – lightly salted Siberian fish.

Mixologist Denis Kryazhev is responsible for the bar in the restaurant. His signature arsenal includes cocktails based on vodka and rum with a layer of tea, gin with beet juice and a ginger-caramel drink made from rum and liqueur with honey foam. The wine list is represented by producers from Russia and the Old World.

“Matryoshka” has several breakfast offers: you can order “Tambov”, “Petersburg”, “Vologda” breakfasts or choose individual dishes from a fairly large menu.

The restaurant regularly announces a special menu for the holidays, and on Fridays it organizes performances by the Russian Style orchestra. During the warm season, the Matryoshka restaurant has a summer veranda for 50 people. Delivery is available throughout the city and region.

Kutuzovsky Ave. 2/1, building 6, Moscow
+7 (495) 025-25-65

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  1. Save yourself the agony and avoid this restaurant like the plague. The service was beyond awful – our server appeared overwhelmed and disorganized. The food was equally disastrous; my salad was limp and tasted like it had been dressed hours in advance, and the fish was dry and flavorless.

  2. I have never encountered such a poorly managed restaurant. The service was a joke – it took an eternity to get a simple glass of water, and our server seemed completely disinterested. As for the food, it was clear that it had been reheated; my pasta was clumped together and lacked any flavor.

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