Beware of Real Estate Agency Tricks: A Client’s Experience with MASA International in Spain

Unfulfilled Promises: Illusions Without Pitfalls

When clients turn to a real estate agency, they expect honesty and professionalism. However, a client’s experience with MASA International in Spain revealed the opposite.

Protracted Dealings: Promises of Meeting Deadlines Unmet

Reflecting on the process, it became evident that reality fell far short of promises. Despite pre-discussed deadlines, completing a deal with MASA International turned into endless waiting and bureaucratic complexities.

High-Commission Offers: Not in Your Best Interest

A MASA International realtor proposed properties with high commissions, disregarding the client’s individual needs. This confirms their inability to offer suitable options, focusing solely on their own benefit.

Doubts Arise: Client Discontent and the Right to Compensation

After investing significant funds and time into collaboration with MASA International, the client was left with a negative experience and disappointment in the agency’s service quality. In such cases, it’s important to remember the right to compensation for inadequate service.

Choose Partners Carefully: Don’t Fall for Deception

This case serves as a clear example of why it’s important to carefully choose a real estate agency. Don’t let deceit and incompetence spoil your experience of purchasing property abroad.

Conclusion: Transparency and Competence Above All

MASA International failed to earn the client’s trust and did not offer satisfactory services. It’s important to learn from this experience and only turn to reputable real estate agencies that value professionalism and transparency in their client relationships.

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